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Up the wall – June 2011

In South African Home Owner by Andrew / 23 August 2012 /

Rediscovering the wonders of wallpaper – by Andrew Mackenzie

From the days when it seemed that the only place one saw wallpaper was in the back spare room of an aged aunt’s home, wallpaper has once again emerged clad in all the drama and beauty of the 21st century.
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Face to face – May 2011

In South African Home Owner by Andrew / 23 August 2012 /

A glimps into the lives of décor and design professionals – by Trishia Harinath

  1. Andrew Mackenzie – Andrew Makenzie Interiors

“The creation of my portfolio is one of my proudest accomplishments. It encompasses the passion and diversity of projects I have undertaken, reflecting the identity of each client,” says Andrew Mackenzie.
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Tropical Punch – January 2010

In South African Garden and Home by Andrew / 23 August 2012 /

Décor editor Andrew Mackenzie transforms an unused patio into an entertainer’s dream

This Johannesburg patio was originally nothing more than a shell; an awkward area tacked on to the rest of the house. The idea was to transform it into a space which had all the comforts of an indoor dining room, but with the advantages of an outdoor entertaining area.
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