About us

The decorator true to his art leaves behind no signature,
only clues to the lives of the people living there.

Andrew Mackenzie

Award-winning interior designer Andrew Mackenzie’s key attribute is interpreting personality into a living, functional space. His passion for culture and the psychology behind interior design is what separates him from the mundane, and leads to the creation of authentic, holistic spaces. Andrew creates spaces that are uniquely tailored to the individual, and understands that a living space is something deeply personal. Andrew takes this approach into consideration in everything he designs.

Andrew Mackenzie is one of the leading interior decorators in Johannesburg, transforming a wide range of spaces, from residential and corporate, to the hospitality industry. Andrew draws much inspiration from travel, and his appetite for the aesthetic has led him across the globe. He has also appeared on television, attends the world’s leading design shows, and writes and styles articles for many design titles. Andrew’s attitude is one of honesty and transparency. This approach is a welcome respite from an often overtly exclusive and intimidating industry, and offers clients clarity instead of complexity. This collaborative and stripped-down style distils complicated ideas into fundamental principles to achieve the desired vision.