Face to face – May 2011

A glimps into the lives of décor and design professionals – by Trishia Harinath

  1. Andrew Mackenzie – Andrew Makenzie Interiors

“The creation of my portfolio is one of my proudest accomplishments. It encompasses the passion and diversity of projects I have undertaken, reflecting the identity of each client,” says Andrew Mackenzie.

Andrew was fortunate enough to work alongside some of SA’s finest designers, architects and decorators. That, coupled with his appreciation for furniture, art and antiques, led him to study interior decoration, and his business grew organically from there. “It’s very important to me that my business continues to create awareness on the impact of ones personal environment.” Andrew leaves us with this piece of advice – “the decorator true to his art, leaves behind no signature, only clues to the lives of the people living there.”

In South African Home Owner by Andrew / 23 August 2012 /

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